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LEGAL LIVE - the international online congress fair for law and compliance

Innovations and networking are crucial for success right now. That is why LEGAL (R)EVOLUTION GmbH is launching a virtual format in 2021: LEGAL LIVE! It will grow just as fast as the LEGAL REVOLUTION presence trade fair and become the leading online congress trade fair for law and compliance in Europe.

From the makers of LEGAL REVOLUTION Expo & Congress

LEGAL (R)EVOLUTION GmbH has been organizing the annual LEGAL REVOLUTION Expo & Congress, the leading and fastest-growing congress trade fair for law and compliance in Europe, since 2017. LEGAL REVOLUTION combines an international trade fair for services and IT solutions across the entire value chain of legal services and compliance with an international congress for legal and compliance tech and digital economy law.

Exclusive advantages for exhibitors

  • Smart matchmaking between visitors and exhibitors: exhibitors can establish direct contact with interested visitors
  • Own Company Profile with multimedia presentation and contact options
  • Effective matchmaking with interested visitors at exhibitor presentations and workshops
  • Integration with our LEGAL LIVE communications, e.g., newsletters, social media, etc.
  • Included package benefits such as advertising in LEGAL REVOLUTIONary, the leading e-magazine for law in the digital economy
  • You can find out many more advantages in a conversation with us [link to contact possibility].

Smart Matchmaking

Smart Matchmaking makes visiting LEGAL LIVE easy and efficient for exhibitors and visitors You and visitors have the option to click on "Best Matches" in the attendee directory and write directly to interested contacts - completely DSGVO-compliant!

Your Company Profile

Your Company Profile includes (depending on the exhibitor package) Logo, Header Image, Description Texts, PDF Upload, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Linking to your Social Media Channels, Interactive Elements to get in touch with your employees, e.g. Chat, (Video-)Telephony, Appointment Finding Functions, etc.

Expand your visibility

Company Profile

Your Company Profile contains (depending on the package) Logo, Header Image, Description Texts, PDF Upload, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Linking to your Social Media Channels, Interactive Elements to get in contact with your employees, e.g. Chat, (Video)telephony, Appointment finding functions, etc., ...

Lead Generation

You want to know who attended your presentation? We will send you lead lists! In addition, you can actively address your customers via the attendee directory.

Smart Matchmaking

Based on the interest information (profile setup), visitors and exhibitors are matched with each other. You are automatically shown which visitor is a good match for your product. This facilitates targeted contacting, e.g. via the attendee directory, and makes your presence much more efficient.

    We are at your side with advice

    Send us a message and we will be happy to send you our Presentation Options. Here you will find an overview of all services and prices.

    FAQ - Frequently asked questions

    When will the first LEGAL LIVE take place?

    The first LEGAL LIVE will take place from March 23 to 25, 2021.

    Where will the next LEGAL LIVE take place?

    LEGAL LIVE is purely virtual. The congress fair can be attended regardless of location. The only requirement is Internet access.

    Where can I register for LEGAL LIVE?

    You can register for LEGAL LIVE now here or by clicking the button in the menu bar.

    How can I log in to the event?

    One week before the virtual congress fair starts, you will receive an e-mail from us with your login data. A link will then take you to the platform, where you can set up your profile and familiarize yourself with all the functions.

    How much does LEGAL LIVE cost?

    The first 2,000 registrations are free of charge as a thank you for our visitors. So it pays to be quick.

    What software does LEGAL LIVE use?

    After an extensive research, we decided to use the talque software solution. It combines innovation, usability and service in the best possible way - values that reflect LEGAL LIVE.

    How can I edit my profile again?

    Want to customize your profile to share more with other participants? Click on your profile picture above > Change my profile. You will be taken through our onboarding process again, where you can change the data you entered earlier. General settings such as the language, images, and your password can be edited by clicking the Profile Picture > Settings button.

    Do I have to be at the computer all the time or is LEGAL LIVE also available on mobile?

    Yes, LEGAL LIVE is mobile! In the Google Play Store and Apple App Store you can download the talque app, which provides an equivalent experience on your mobile device.


    Do you have any further questions or other concerns?
    The LEGAL LIVE team is always at your disposal!

    +49 69 3487 920-92